New Gear

The kids got some new gear from Santa 😉 for xmas. 
Pogies from Dave of Must Stache Bike Bags fame. Check out Dave’s page on Facebook….. good guy, quality hand made product’s at a reasonable price.


Frame bags will arrive shortly also. Being the triangle of an XS 9:zero:7 isn’t all that big…. the frame bags will at least be able to hold hats and extra gloves and any other small items a child would feel they’d need for a ride.

They also got a new set of baselayer tops and bottoms, and some new snow pants.
Zack got a new helmet, and by chance it’s the same as Dad’s.  Lol

So, we took a late afternoon pedal to Bryan Lake…. a block or so away from our house.
They have now got the itch to really hit the snowy trails and lakes. Yes, we do have some snow, sorry metro people!! 😉






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