Let There be Lights

I’m still working on Mom to get us some proper headlights.
In the mean time, the kids wanted some color matching (to their bikes), lights.
Mom came through with some leds from Target.  So Sunday afternoon I set them up on each child’s bike respectfully…… and then we waited for darkness to fall. 5:30 came along and we all got dressed and made our way to Bryan Lake,  of course!! Lol
Besides them thinking the lights were the coolest thing ever, they both got reacquainted with real northern Minnesota cold. 0° at that time, and -18 with the wind. They last 30-45 minutes and gained both their mothers and my respect!! 😉





Long live kid’s riding FatBikes!!!

On a side note……..
Our young FatBike girl getting some love from “The Fat Bike Gurlz” on Facebook and Instagram.
Never to young to learn that FatBiking isn’t all about pedaling!!!! Mom and Dad are proud of you Jenna!!!!

You too Zack!!! It’s just that you’re a boy….. sorry buddy, we don’t count as much!! 😉


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