The 2015 Fiddlin’ Fifty

Scott and Susan put on a quality 1st year event, with bigger and better things for year two!!

Year one was awesomely small, 25 total riders if memory serves me right.
A stellar route through the northern Minnesota wilderness. 



Here’s a picture of Josh P. And Rick P.
And I don’t know.
Semi Fat, seriously Fat, skinny…… and behind is our Zack rolling his Fat with us at the start.


Year two is sure to be more of the same!!
Here’s a race flyer with all the pertinent details.


Fiddlin' Fifty

The beginning of fall in Northern Minnesota,  it doesn’t get much better!


That Moment……

When you’ve worked your 3rd afternoon shift, out of 4.
It’s 1:15 a.m. you’re pedaling through the woods on a 12″ ribbon of snow, (#ridegroomed), on your way home…. trying to stay in the sweet spot……..
All the light you have is a top your head, shinning brightly straight a head.
You can see nothing to your left or to your right.
Then ****WAM**** 3 bedded down deer bolt like rockets in all directions from their slumber!!
All you see is flashes of brown, and hope your shorts arent the same color!! Pucker factor 10+!!!
300 to 400 yards later your laughing to yourself at your fright…… then ****BAM**** what sounds like a whole squadron of partridge do it to you all over again!!
Shorts check at home, and all was as it should be….. clean!!!! 😉

There is nothing better than pedaling in the woods, after dark in the dead of winter!!
Pedal On!!!