That Moment……

When you’ve worked your 3rd afternoon shift, out of 4.
It’s 1:15 a.m. you’re pedaling through the woods on a 12″ ribbon of snow, (#ridegroomed), on your way home…. trying to stay in the sweet spot……..
All the light you have is a top your head, shinning brightly straight a head.
You can see nothing to your left or to your right.
Then ****WAM**** 3 bedded down deer bolt like rockets in all directions from their slumber!!
All you see is flashes of brown, and hope your shorts arent the same color!! Pucker factor 10+!!!
300 to 400 yards later your laughing to yourself at your fright…… then ****BAM**** what sounds like a whole squadron of partridge do it to you all over again!!
Shorts check at home, and all was as it should be….. clean!!!! 😉

There is nothing better than pedaling in the woods, after dark in the dead of winter!!
Pedal On!!!




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