No Layers!!

First time in 2015 we’ve gone on a ride without layering the clothing.
58° and sunny made for a good day!
Tomorrow is forcasted to be warmer!!!! 60° plus!!!


We went and checked out the wetness factor of the old Whitney Tailings pond, our normal riding area.  With about 4-5″ of slop, which includes thick red mud and plenty of frozen ground underneath.  We turned around, and pedaled around town a bit.
The way the warmth is coming on, and a couple good rains I figure the red dirt will be ready in 3 weeks, maybe less.



2 thoughts on “No Layers!!

    • David, you know they have to be like their Dad!!! LOL
      Anyway, this means I don’t have to carry their little things!! 😉
      If they forgeT something it’s not my fault!! Ha Ha
      Peace, Joe


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