Messing Around (FatBike Tomfoolery)

A little FatBike tomfoolery on a sunny warm Friday aftrrnoon.

I’m trying to drill it into Zack’s head about getting it into his easy gear and just using the gears to his advantage.

Jenna got it right away! Lol

Kids will be kids, and when enough people (that aren’t his parents) tell him exactly the same thing I’ve told him for a couple years now…… it’ll then seep in!!

He’s had two examples, one at Spirit Mountain last summer, and at last early November’s “Naughty Ride” in Grand Rapids was his 2nd example of someone telling him exactly what I’ve been telling him…… I thought that’d be the “clicker” BUT!! Lol

Anyway, I love riding with these two kids!!!!

Long live the FatBike!!

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