June 21st…. Father’s Day…. Spirit Mountain Duluth

It was an extremely busy weekend!!
Friday found us in the Twin Cities for a Rob Thomas concert and a funeral.
R.I.P. G………Your life was celebrated by many!

Rob Thomas put on his usual high energy performance.
The Plain White T’s were the prefect opening act!

Saturday was visiting with family before Cindi and I made our way north to pick up our young two…………
Then Sunday we made our way to Spirit Mountain since Mission and Lester
were closed due to wetness.
Sometimes following “the rules” of not riding wet trails is tough!! LOL


Before our 1st run

This was Z’s 2nd time at Spirit, but J’s 1st.
We explained what the riding Happy Camper would be like to J.
I cant even begin to imagine what was running through an 8 year olds mind. She played it off as “no big deal.”


Well, then we headed off on our 1st run…… J was overwhelmed to say the least. She walked the majority of the lower 1/2 of Happy Camper.
I explained the use of both brakes to control her speed, and how to use the berms to control her speed. Stopping many times to show her how by me walking her bike along the berms.
It must’ve sunk in, because her 2nd run was much better.
All the while Z was waiting like a good big brother at the bottom.


Giving J encouragement all the time.
Then we got to ride the lift to the top!! 😉
Z was to cool for school, and wanted to ride his own chair!! LOL


After 5 to 6 runs, dispite sore hands J didn’t want to stop.
All in all a fun way to spend a day!!

Then we made our way to Canal Park for a bite to eat, and a pedal down the lake walk until just before dark.


A huge thank you to the best partner a guy could ever ask to be with!!!!!


Love my Cindi!!

It was also nice running into a few of the “COGGS boys” while riding Spirit.
Nice to see Rudy, Tjaard and to meet Waylon M. Also.


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