Lester/Amity….. Duluth

Saturday morning we headed off to Duluth.
Ride trails and then go plant ourselves in Bayfront Park for the fireworks.

The plan was to hit up Mission Creek, after looking at maps and reading a bit Lester seemed like the wiser choice.
Mom dropped us off at the top of Seven Bridges road.

(Seven Bridges road brings back some good memories of the 1st running of the Heck of the North. After 100 and some miles that damn road nearly killed me! LOL)

I got to have a quick chat with a local biker and we were off.
Of course I did the exact opposite of what the local said, and I think we were climbing what is the Hawk Ridge trail. After listening to J whine I thought it better to turn around. LOL
After a couple of minutes we were heading the right way.
As has become the norm with any new trail…….. Z is whaling a head of J and myself. While J isn’t very sure of what she should do….. slow down or come to a complete stop and walk any obsticle she’s not sure of.
She was doing a lot of both before she just went with it.
It’s pretty cool to see her lose all fear and just go for it.
Truth be told, it kind of scares the crap out of me also.
Anyway, she’s improving everytime out.

I snapped a few pictures but it’s tough taking moving shots without running into trees!! 😉


I wonder???


Yeah, after a bit..... this is cool Dad!!


Drink break

We meet a lot of really cool people out on the trail.
Never have I heard so many words of encouragement to our children than I did in the few hours we were riding in Duluth!! It was like I was invisible, and that was pretty cool!!!!
Thanks COGGS!!
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