The Tragically Hip @ 1st Ave. The Fully and Completely Tour

Excuse this non biking post for a moment…….

I’ve been a fan of these guys since 1991.
A couple friends turned me on to The Hip….. and the rest, as they say, is history!!
Since that time I’ve seen them perform live 17 times. If you have never seen them live, I can’t stress enough how good they are live, plus their music will definitely get ya hooked!!

Cindi got two tickets days after they announced the tour, in May I believe.

In all those shows, I’ve been waiting for one song, and Monday night at this iconic venue……

Photo taken from The Hip App.

I got my wish!!!
All I can say is DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

The only thing that would’ve made hearing this song live that much better, would’ve been to have had a friend of mine (who loved the Hip as much as I do) by my side. Sadly he past away 8 years ago.
Jimmy K. You were in my thoughts as I jammed out to that song!!!!

My lovely partner accompanied me on our journey to Mpls.
Thanks for joining me Cindi….. we witnessed the best high energy Hip performance I can ever remember!!
Love ya!!!



1st Ave. Was packed with concert goers, to say the least!!!

Photo credit: Jim Foster

We are in that sea of people!! 😉
Here’s a few concert shots….

Photo taken from The Hip App




The set list was AWESOME!!!




A little big city art, as we left downtown. 😉


Bob Dylan

Cindi took some awesome shots!!!

After the show we walked across the street to O’Donovan’s for a quick bite to eat, and a drink or two….. we used to visit this establishment when Cindi lived in the Twin cities,  and were home in time for me to get to work by 5 a.m.
It was SO worth it!!!!!


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