Ti or Carbon Framed FatBike???

I’m looking at new FatBikes, all be it 2 years out, but I’m looking!! πŸ˜‰

I’ll be 50 in two years and what better way to celebrate than a new tricked out high end FatBike!!??!!
It’ll take me that long to save the coin I want to spend anyway!!

I had it narrowed to one…. the Ti bike…. the Carver O’Beast.


Photo from Carvers website


From Carvers website

Then 9:zero:7 just HAD to release their new 2016 carbon framed line up, and boy howdy are they sharp!!

I’d really like to round out our family with me riding a 9:zero:7.
I’m just so leary of my weight, riding style, riding area and any carbon frame.

Winter mode…..


9:zero:7 Facebook page photo

And 29+ non winter mode….


9:zero:7 Facebook page

So my internal dilemma will continue.
I mean, what could possibly come along in the FatBike world in the next two year’s????
Said with as much sarcasm as you think!! πŸ˜‰
Why did I limit myself to these two companies?

Brand loyalty and getting treated beyond right…. goes to the boys at 9:zero:7. Also, the 9:zero:7 has the upright riding position I’m looking for.

Carver?? Well, I chose them because I’m not looking for a race rig, I’m looking for an exploration/adventure rig with as close to the upright riding position of my trusty Pugsley; and Carver does Ti well.
I’m sure other brands do Ti well also, but the geo isn’t to my liking.

I’ve ridden other branded FatBikes, and it seems like the geo was/is geared more towards the racing end of the spectrum…. anyone who knows me knows I’m as far from a racer as it gets!!


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