ISD #701…. Supported a “Rape Culture” Before There Was Such a Term.

Well, the broken record continues…. yes yes, I’m tired of it also!!
Although that DOES NOT mean I will NOT stand up, speak loudly, and continue to do so UNAFRAID…. saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Because this subject IS NOT about ME, or YOU the reader; it’s about each and every child that is making their way through ISD #701, or is about to embark on their journey through this once PROUD district!!

Will the REAL leaders of ISD #701 PLEASE stand up????

Mind you, what I’m about to say below is the one constant from the here and now, to back in my day….. One Man!!
Keep this fact in mind as you read…
Carry on.

I’d like to get one thing out there, then it won’t be brought up again. šŸ˜‰
For the past 18-20 month’s I’ve been wondering why a current school board member aka “Mr. Prove It” as I like to call him… has been so nonchalant about the Mr. Fleming situation.
Even having gone so far as yelling prove it (hence my name for him), to a certain concerned community member early in 2015 after a board meeting.
It dawned on me a week or so ago, that “Mr. Prove It” was Mr. Fleming exactly 30 years ago this year.
He was actually worse than Mr. Fleming, as he had an sexual relationship with a Hibbing High School female student during my junior and senior year’s…..
Mind you, while also serving on the ISD #701 school board…. so, it finally makes perfect sense why he’s acted so nonchalantly and/or dismissive towards the PROVEN actions of Mr. Fleming.
It’sĀ sad this person is now back (as of 2014) and is currently serving on this school board…. I guess it’s no wonder the district is where it is??!!??
Ok, done!!
I will say…. these first few paragraphs will be referenced many times throughout this whole post.
You’ve been warned!! šŸ˜‰

Obviously this post will compare ISD #701 now, to 30-40 years ago….it could actually go back further……
Yes I hear you….
Thanks Captain Obvious!! šŸ˜‰
Specifically the late 70’s to 1986. Because after ’86 I was gone to make my own way in the world.

The most glaring differences are obvious to anyone who grew up in that era…. cellphones were in the infant stage, I mean bag phone infancy… and the Internet?
Ha get outside and play, go in the woods and get lost, go find your friends.
The Internet?? Please!!

What’s not so different??
Administration and teacher misconduct within ISD #701, and the act of sweeping said misconduct under the preverbialĀ rug.
Again I reference whom from that era is also now currently serving on this school board….. cowinkydink….

If you’re reading this, and were fortunate enough to get an A+++ education from this district, you have an idea what I’m talking about.

The whispering was always there!!
The small huddle of children talking softly amongst themselves; that before one knew it, wasn’t so quiet and wasn’t held amongst their group for long; before the whole school student body knew.

I’m sure the whole student body knowing what was/is happening currently in HHS is the same then, as it is now; maybe even more so. Reference those two things I talked about a bit earlier…. Internet and smartphones…
ding ding ding….

Teacher M was sleeping with student F.
Substitute teacher F was sleeping with student M, and substitute teacher M was sleeping with student F.
School board member M was sleeping with student F.
Teacher M is sleeping with teacher F.
You get my point….. sadly!!

And certain current ISD #701 school board member’s had/have a hard time understanding, or thought my last post calling this district out as supporting a “Rape Culture” was out of line???
To those board member’s I say… pull your head out of your ass, or out of the proverbial sand, and WAKE the hell up!!!

I’m sure this isn’t an ISD #701 problem, but that’s all I have to base my thinking on, why?? Because I (along with many of you), lived through it.
Plus now I’m a father of young girls, and this kind of garbage is still happening, at an even more alarming rate than in the past!!

I heard the whispers, I heard the rumours. As those of you reading this, who attended this high school also heard.
Now, does this make everything I heard, or you heard true?? Probably not….
ALTHOUGH.. I’m trying to show the mentality this school district has allowed to sit festering, so much so, that the district finds themselves where they are today because of it…….
Firmly swoosh’ around the toilet bowl like last night’s dinner!!
Funny….. Not so much…. reference that part in the beginning of this post here.

Anyway, you get what I’m saying!!!!

Fast forward to today, or this day and age of ISD #701…. which the only thing that has changed is technology.
The mindset of the district is still stuck in the past……
Damn here he is again…. (Reference who’s currently serving on this school board from that past above). Is the root of the problem becoming clear to you now???

We do have the Internet with all of it’s time sucking glory, which we are all taking part in while reading this!! šŸ˜‰
While the Internet has its good and wonderful uses, it too has its dark underbelly of evil, mind warping images, videos and many other things; that can make a person do or say some pretty unimaginable things, with little to no accountability or consequences.
Most of us have those small handheld mini supercomputers called cellphones or (smartphones)… ha now there’s a contradiction in terms…Ā  smart phone??!!
Which just so happen to be this era’s Polaroid camera…. discrete, quick, and sometimes people (hmm who could that be??) BeingĀ  unable to control their urge to use them in an inappropriate manner.

I think we as a society are dumber, slower, more lazy, and lacking GOOD fundamental MORALS than we’ve ever been, because of technology.
You think I’m wrong???
Continue reading…..

In this day and age…….
How and why is a male teacher sending “junk” pictures to student’s via the afore-mentioned smart phone??
How can this teacher think this a good idea??

All i can say to this teacher is…. You stupid fucking idiot!!!!
You ignorant, arrogantĀ  fool…. the way you weaseled your way into these girls life’s is disturbing!!
Yet when you met a daughter (who was/is a student in your class), of a former classmate of yours, you moved on to your next target, like a shark swimming through the ocean looking for an easy meal.
YES I’m calling you a predator!!!
You sick, disgusting, cowardly little man…. you knew this former classmate of yours would raise holy hell if she found a picture of your private parts on her daughters phone!!
You Sir are well below Mr. Fleming, you sick PIG!!

Police, lawyers and all kinds of people are wondering around the Hibbing High school asking students question after question. How great that must be for current students and teachers???

Which leads me to my biggest question involving this…….
Why on earth does any member of ISD #701 have a studentā€™s cell phone number???
What on earth is the reasoning for that??
I’ve thought about it…. there is NO reason…. Although………no…. hold on…. wait….. yup still NO!!

I DO NOT care if the student is 18 years of age. No reason!!
I’d like to know where in the ISD #701 handbook of teacher and administrative behavior it states, it’s ok for any adult to have free reign over a child’s cellphone number, email address etc……
This brings me to another topic….. iPad use by school children. I will for sure leave this topic for another time.

Well, this begs the age-old question, where are the parents?
I have quite a few teacher/administration friends, both in this district and throughout the state of Minnesota, and the country.
To a person, parent involvement is a huge concern, let me correct that statement…. lack of parent involvement is a HUGE concern with each and every person I’ve talked to.
I AM the last person whose gonna sit and preach about how to be a good parent…. trust me!!
I understand that “life happens” sometimes….. and parent participation presents difficulties…. but holy hell this is your child’s future!!
PAY ATTENTION, be involved!!
Parents…. check your childs phones, check you child’s computer’s…. you’re not your child’s friend, YOU ARE THEIR PARENT!!
If you do not hear these words often…. “I hate you,” coming from your child’s mouth, YOU are doing it wrong.

This brings me to my next topic….
I DO NOT care what you do in your personal life, really I don’t.
There’s a reason it’s called your personal life!!
With that said….. when your personal life bleeds into your professional life as an educator or an administrator of a school district…. I will then, have a problem!!
I DO NOT care if you have relationships with farm animals.
I DO NOT care if you have an “open,” swinger style relationship.
I DO NOT care if you like the same-sex.

When that relationship, whichever it might be, starts to show in your job…
You, me, and every child has a HUGE problem!!
Also, the parents of school aged children and the community as a whole should start to wonder what the hell is going on??!!??

YOU, be it a teacher or a supposed leader of a school, all the way down to a substitute teacher SHOULD HAVE the highest moral standards to set for our future leaders of the free world!!
You think my thinking is over the top?? Sorry, I DO NOT!!
What is the example these people are setting for our children??
That it’s ok to have relationships outside of marriage?
That’s it’s ok to party with the children you lead, mentor and see on a daily basis for over a half a years time???
You were all where you were as representatives of ISD #701, you should haveĀ acted accordingly!! In hind sight you DID NOT!
You’ve all failed at your jobs, and fell in line with the other leaders of ISD #701 who DO NOT lead!!
Boundaries come to mind, ya know??
You are the teachers, you are the administrator…. they are the STUDENTS, in essence CHILDREN!!

Instead of walking around saying these are just nasty rumors being spread by horrible people… STAND UP, take responsibility for your actions, own up to your mistakes.
Show the children what it’s like to be a true adult/leader!!! After all of your actions, it’s the least you could do!!
How can you lead a school district, and or teach children, when you have ZERO credibility and ZERO respect??

I also feel for the good upstanding teachers.
The teachers that have to come to work every day dreading and asking themselves “what will today bring?”
DO NOT misunderstand,Ā  there are many very fine teachers in this district; who have held their heads high while this filth has filled in around them.
Some of the current teachers must be asking themselves, “what did we do to deserve this?” OR “maybe I should look for work in a different district?”
AND “why aren’t our leader’s doing their jobs?”
These teachers are also concerned parents!!! Concerned parents who have to keep quiet through this whole mess, even if they know certain things…. they CAN NOT speak up, for fear of losing the very jobs they love, and now HATE with as much passion as their love of teaching young minds once was.

More so than anything I’ve written above, I feel for the students.
How would you like to look back at your last two years of your high school days, and always be reminded of the dark cloud you graduated under??
These years are supposed to be the best times of your life; the building blocks of a bright future!!
These poor children will look back at their time in Hibbing School and cringe, at what a few piss poor supposed leader’s and a few low moral teachers allowed to happen to them all….

Nothing within this district will ever change until…..
These 3 board member’s are GONE….
Mr. John Berklich, Mr. Tony Kuznik and Mr. Jeff Polcher.
These 3 DO NOT have the best interests of the children firmly planted at the forefront of their thinking!! Their actions over the past few year’s has been self-serving and arrogant!
These 3 elected officials DO NOT represent me, you, or the community… and above that; they sure as HELL DO NOT represent the students of ISD #701.
As an example…. watch the 1st 15-20 minutes here NOW….. am I the only one who sees that the 3 mentioned above, who are being obstructionist, self-serving… along with holding on tooth and nail to some preconceived notion of power?? It’s like they talked before hand and said “this is what we’ll do.”
These are not MEN that have the interest of anyone but themselves in mind. Embarrassing…..

These 3 are trying to do the RIGHT thing, but are continuously blocked by the 3 above!!
Mr. Bob Clover, Mr. Mitch Vincent and Ms. Kathy Nyberg.

Another thought I’ve had while researching other district’s school board’s………
Why is there an even number of board member’s in this district??

In closing I’ll leave you with this……… the ISD #701 Vision Statement……

Hibbing School District Vision Statement :
Hibbing Public Schools, in partnership with our community, are committed to academic excellence and the opportunity for all students to develop their talents in a caring, safe environment.

AND THE district Mission Statement….

Hibbing School District Mission Statement:

Hibbing Public Schools will provide all students with a quality education designed to help them develop their fullest potential.
We accomplish the Mission with:

**Open and consistent communication among students, parents, staff and community.

**Highly skilled and motivated staff.

**A safe and positive environment.

**Trust and respect among students, parents, staff and community.

**Successful, effective partnerships.

**Fair and equitable policies and procedures.

This post has been long enough….. so I won’t blow holes in those two statements above.
According to the obstructionist 3 board member’s, they’ve followed these statements to the letter???
Ha laughable….. I know you the reader, are smarter than that!!

Again, MY name is Joe Sacco…. you have a problem with what I say??
Take it up with ME!!!


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