The 2nd 70° day in April

This was my riding partner on 4/16/2016.


Her brother did not want to join us. Think 12 year old boys, and you’ll understand. 😉
This young girl is scary strong in her head, and for her small size put the hurt on me for 8 of our almost 10 mile ride along the paved Carey Lake trail.


Drink stop

Pretty impressive for only having put on a few winter miles.

She did ask about our upcoming Mesabi Trail Tour ride, in the beginning of August. “Dad, I want to up my miles for the tour!”
I told her the plan is to start from the house again this year, and make our way to the finish in Grand Rapids, Mn. around 40-48 miles from our garage door. She smiled, and said “sounds about right.” LOL
Then she asked about the Fiddlin’ Fifty
Gravel ride August 27th just north of Chisholm, Mn.
“What happens if I can’t do the whole thing?” “Will I be able to turn around and go back?”
I replied, it doesn’t work that way, but I’m sure we could call Mom, and she could come pick you up. Which in return, she replied….. “I think I wanna try doing it all.”
Very well, but you’ll need to prepare yourself accordingly. “I can do it Dad!!”
Then we arrived at Carey Lake, where it turned into playtime, as it should.





And of course there had to be some playing around with the last couple piles of the white stuff….


Bob the snowman!! LOL


Then I was told…. “Dad, I’m ready to go home.”



Here’s where she hit her wall, just shy of 8.5 miles. The head wind did her in.
For her young age, she’s pretty impressive, both in strength of mind and her little body!! 
Then we made our way home, and relaxed by the 1st fire of the new year.


4 thoughts on “The 2nd 70° day in April

  1. Yeah, we choose 9:zero:7 for the optimum standover.
    She was 48″ with just a bit of stretch, but like you say…. they grow like freaking weeds!! 😉
    You’re smart to wait…. buying a real 26″ wheeled fatbike is smarter than buying a “kids” fatbike (24″ or smaller wheels) when you know damn well they’ll fit a proper wheel sized fatbike in a blink of an eye. In essence paying twice for a fatbike.

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