My Surly Krampus

I listened to all the people who said this bike is garbage…. it’s slow and heavy. “Some other bike company will come out with a 29er plus that’ll blow the Krampus away.”
It doesn’t have a clutch rear D….. it doesn’t have this, or that.
AND the one that really made me laugh………..
“Surly is a tinker’s bike brand”….. in other words, your always having to tweak something in some sort of way to get a Surly bike to run correctly.

Holy shit!!!! I think I wasted my hard earned dollars….. anyone wanna buy a very little used (under 60 miles) Surly Krampus?? 😉 😉

Well, do I take them all on at once, or go one by one?? I’ll just move forward……

This bike IS NOT slow!!
Now, it may be because I’ve pedaled my Surly Pugsley exclusively since I built it up from scratch in ’08. Or its the plus sized 29er wheelset, but this bike rails!!

This bike is heavy??
Sure, compared to a lightweight carbon or aluminum bike of another’s similar 29er plus offering; but isn’t heavy a relative term?
This Krampus is 30 pounds stock, this bike, to me, IS NOT heavy!!
Again, compared to my Pugsley, the Krampus is lighter, by three pounds.

This bike doesn’t have this or that part?
As with any bike I’ve ever owned, when I break something; and i break a lot of shit… it always get replaced by “one up”.
I choice the Krampus because it fits my riding stlye for my area!!
Also, Surly is not a tinker’s bike….. it’s called options, ya douchebags!!
My Pugsley is “set it and forget it” just how I like it!!! I forsee the Krampus being the same way!!
Oh yeah…. steel is real!! 😉


A shot from new bike day.

This bike fits my slow ass riding stlye perfectly!! When I kit it up with bags, it will become the perfect bikepacking rig….. TO ME!


I can say, yet again I’m glad I DID NOT listen to other people when I chose to jump on the mid fat platform!!
Maybe I should say, I sought advice from the correct people when deciding to get this bike!! Those that I talked to know who they are, and I can’t say THANK YOU enough!!
Anyway, I can’t say enough how I can’t wait to get this human powered rail machine on some single-track!!!
Until such time, rest easy in the fact this bike will see a lot of gravel and everything in between!! 😉


Baptism by Iron Range red


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