For Sale: xs 9:zero:7….

135x170mm…. 70mm stem… BB7 brakes… sram triggers… 45nrth H. Du’s and 45nrth pedals…. small cosmetic scuff on left front fork.

50 miles on a fresh fall of 2016 tune up. 

Used but not abused.


7 thoughts on “For Sale: xs 9:zero:7….

  1. Hey Joe,

    Came across this post while I’m weighing up the options for a new mountain bike for my son!! I’m torn between a fat bike like this one and a carbon frame (hardtail) bike, possibly a BEIOU bike since they seem to be the most affordable carbon frames:

    Have you got any thoughts? From what I’ve read around, a carbon bike offers more control but man this fat bike looks so much more fun!!

    Hope to hear back from you


    • Kristy,
      I think it comes down to personal preference. We as adults can gauge which frame material we think we’d like, and why.
      Our children love their fat bikes…. the big tires make things simple for them; ie not having to worry about getting bounced around by rocks and roots. They pretty much roll over everything.
      Something to think about with carbon….. Kids are rough on things, dropping their bikes when their excited about a stop where they can play/throw rocks and so forth.
      I’ve seen rocks fly up and crack carbon frames.
      It boils down to what Mom and Dad want to pay for their child’s bike…. and would you be willing to buy a new carbon frame if junior cracks one while “being a kid?”


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