Snacking Bear 60

I drove down Friday evening after work. Slept in the van until 5:45 a.m. Walked over to the Cable Cafe for a good breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. It was gonna be a long day!! The owner, (sorry I forgot your name), who was retiring from her establishment this week, makes one hell of a breakfast!!

Nothing like an early season beat down on gravel, to make one feel alive!! Whoever knew one could be happy paying $30 for a good flogging on two wheels!! 👍🏻

As usual with these events; this particular one put on by Terrene Tires. Thanks again to Tim and Odia Krueger…. well played you two! 😜

I watched the fast riders pull away, knowing full well I’d see them again passing me towards the end of the day. LOL

I didn’t start “feeling it” until I hit the gravel, after 11ish miles or so. I kept my average between 11.5 – 13.5 until mile 44ish. That’s when the wheels literally feel off; in the shape of Rock Lake Road.

I saw the 1st hill and mumbled a bit to myself; climbing and I aren’t real good friends!! “Toughen up buttercup” Or remember rule#5 pussy!! Ha Ha

Well, after the 5th or 6th climb I was toasted; and pedaling with essentially one good right leg. So all the remaining large climbs were walked, with a limp!! LOL

The longest 9. Whatever miles since last summer!! I really wish I felt better hanging the left on Camp Road 38, because that section would’ve been a hoot if I was “myself.”

As usual the riders that passed me during this time were “hey you alright?”

My reply, for what seemed like forever…. was “yes, I’m good.”

I do have a bone to pick with one David Pramann you lie!! 😜

I did finally get to meet Mr. MountainBikeRadio himself during this time. After a quick handshake and a few words he was off.

Another thing with these gravel rides…. it never fails, (and Wisconsin is no different than Minnesota), I seem to get buzzed by whatever traffic there is!!!

Two trucks driven by older gentlemen seemed oblivious to me pedaling as far right as I could get, and buzzed me well within my 5′ comfort zone. One coming at me and the other from behind.

On Rock Lake Road, it was the wheelers. Most of the wheeler traffic was ok, minus the two side-by-sides who sped up and gave a quick swerve in my general direction. Pretty damn disconcerting when you’re going 3mph up hill.

All in all a good day to pedal my bike in a truly beautiful area of Wisconsin!!