The 2016 Mesabi Trail Tour in The Books.Β 

Extremely proud of this group. 

Goals were set, met, and blown out of the water!! 

These two biked 70 miles….

This one 25….

This scary individual pedaled around 42 miles

As usual the weather was perfect.

The company was stellar, and smiles were all around!! 

Following will be random shots taken throughout the day….

A final break before we made the final push to the finish.

These 3 were stronger than some adults I saw throughout the day!! 

Food makes everything better after pedaling some good miles…..

The “century boy’s”

If you were 12 and rode your fatbike 70 miles, you’d need a bit of a nap after too. πŸ˜‰ 

Well done children!! 

ISD #701…. To Whom It May Concern…..

Well, the 2015/16 school year is coming to a close. I figured I’d leave you all one last post to think about, and talk about over the summer….. until school fires back up this fall…. hold on to your hats!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

To all the people who call me a jackass or insert whatever word here…. for speaking loudly, proudly and unafraid; I say…. MY skin is thick, my backbone strong… bring it on!!

You have something to say… MY NAME is Joe Sacco. No one else is writing these words or saying these things, it’s all ME!!Β  If you are reading this, you should at least be smart enough to figure out my contact information.

To the IDIOT who made a comment in the reply section of one of MY ISD #701 blog posts, where every other word was F^~ΒΏk you…. you weak minded fool!!! If you disagree with me, state your disagreement in an intelligent manor, I’ll publish your post for the rest of the people to see…. I DO NOT care if you disagree with me!!
Although, when you show your lack of education and intelligence you are resembling a plain “IDIOT”…
Well, need I say more??


What a CRAP year it’s been…. to all the graduating seniors of Hibbing High, I say a huge I’M SORRY!!
I figure I’ll say it here and now, because no one in a position of authority at ISD #701 will say it to you!???
I hope your future is brighter than your last few years at H.H.S.
Here’s wishing you all the best in moving forward to a brighter future.
If things get dark and stormy in future years…. think back to your last two years of high school…. you made it through some pretty nasty shit….. you’re well prepared for life!!
Carry on!

To the teachers and all staff within ISD #701…. it’s almost over!!
The light is now shining brightly, can you see it?? πŸ˜‰
It’s almost time for “the cabin” ice cold beverages of your choosing, kicking back and relaxing… you made it!!
Please refrain from sending any inappropriate images unless cleared before hand!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
Ha Ha Ha I’m joking!! Have another beer!! πŸ˜‰


To Superintendent Johnson….

Your time is now Sir!!
Your inherited problem of Fleming’s deviant behavior will no longer, as of June 30th… be your problem.

PrincipalΒ  F. However is your problem…. have you ever checked into this man’s previous work history?
Do you know why he’s the principal of H.H.S.?
It would behoove you to check into this man’s past work history….. if you do so…. it will become apparent why he failed at his job of being a mandatedΒ  reporter, and why reports of misconduct by Mr. Fleming just disappeared into thin air.
It would also shed a light on how UNDESERVING this man was to have
received any kind of award for excellence!!
What a joke!!
What a travesty to honor someone who has done absolutely nothing honorable.
Him winning an award?? Are you freaking kidding me???!!! What are the “optics” this sends???

A high school teacher/s, a substitute teacher, and a leader in this district are also your problem.

A male high school teacher who sent pictures of his “private parts” to young girls!!
I DO NOT care if said pictures can not be found……..
I DO NOT care what supposed “good” this male teacher did in the past…..
I DO NOT care if stories are doing the old flip flop….. the word about this pig of a teacher is “out there.”
You do realize the whole state is watching “your” next move, right??
I use “your” as the investigating/lawyers/police or whomever… but ultimately it should boil down to you Mr. Johnson.
You are the NEW leader of ISD #701… this is now your opportunity to stamp the “Johnson Way” of how things will be run at ISD #701.
I would hope no matter the findings, a teacher/s acting in such a pervasive, perverted way would not be allowed to hold a teaching job in Superintendent Brad Johnson’s ISD #701??
People are watching!!!


Minus Bob Clover, Mitch Vincent and Kathy Nyberg, well maybe not minus; but more to the point of you three helping the IDIOTS…. pull their collective heads out of their asses!!!Β 
Who am I talking about?? Holy hell, I thought you’d never ask!! πŸ˜‰
Mr. John Berklich, Mr. Tony Kuznik and Mr. Jeff Polcher……
Your “incestuial knowledge” (what a great and true couple of words to describe you three!!) is dumbfounding!!
***Just so no one calls their lawyer over those two words***
You talk amongst yourselves, never taking into account other’s points of view, or thinking outside of the small box you three must live in….. in essence believing your own BULLSHIT to be the correct thing for all!!
***Incestuial Knowledge***
Hey guess what……
Walk through every school within this district to remind yourselves why you’re on the school board in the first place!!

To Mr. John Berklich current chair…….
DON’T YOU THINK the school board owes the outgoing seniors, ISD #701, the community and above ALL ELSE the victims of Mr. Fleming an open and honest apology??
You three are pathetic, and the deeply  rooted problem within this district, which neither of you even see!!!
Your three fellow board members see it, know it, and deal with your ignorant buffonery twice a month!!


Well, I think that’s it….. Ha Ha Ha probably not, but that’s all for now folks!!

Again My name is Joe Sacco; and I don’t speak up so people say good job; or you are such an asshole….

***Added: 5/28/2016***
There is plenty of good within ISD #701; (which I have not been shy about saying in the past, maybe i should’ve stated it more?), it’s a shame the same CAN NOT be said about some of the ADULTS that have been tasked with being “leaders” of this district!!

School board member Kathy Nyberg wrote an outstanding piece in the Hibbing Daily Tribune this week.
I would be doing the students of ISD #701 a disservice by not adding it here!!
Kudos to you Kathy!!
The information Kathy shares in said article, shows that dispite the lack of competent leadership within ISD #701 the student’s still are “on it.”
Good job KIDS!!

My Surly Krampus

I listened to all the people who said this bike is garbage…. it’s slow and heavy. “Some other bike company will come out with a 29er plus that’ll blow the Krampus away.”
It doesn’t have a clutch rear D….. it doesn’t have this, or that.
AND the one that really made me laugh………..
“Surly is a tinker’s bike brand”….. in other words, your always having to tweak something in some sort of way to get a Surly bike to run correctly.

Holy shit!!!! I think I wasted my hard earned dollars….. anyone wanna buy a very little used (under 60 miles) Surly Krampus?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Well, do I take them all on at once, or go one by one?? I’ll just move forward……

This bike IS NOT slow!!
Now, it may be because I’ve pedaled my Surly Pugsley exclusively since I built it up from scratch in ’08. Or its the plus sized 29er wheelset, but this bike rails!!

This bike is heavy??
Sure, compared to a lightweight carbon or aluminum bike of another’s similar 29er plus offering; but isn’t heavy a relative term?
This Krampus is 30 pounds stock, this bike, to me, IS NOT heavy!!
Again, compared to my Pugsley, the Krampus is lighter, by three pounds.

This bike doesn’t have this or that part?
As with any bike I’ve ever owned, when I break something; and i break a lot of shit… it always get replaced by “one up”.
I choice the Krampus because it fits my riding stlye for my area!!
Also, Surly is not a tinker’s bike….. it’s called options, ya douchebags!!
My Pugsley is “set it and forget it” just how I like it!!! I forsee the Krampus being the same way!!
Oh yeah…. steel is real!! πŸ˜‰


A shot from new bike day.

This bike fits my slow ass riding stlye perfectly!! When I kit it up with bags, it will become the perfect bikepacking rig….. TO ME!


I can say, yet again I’m glad I DID NOT listen to other people when I chose to jump on the mid fat platform!!
Maybe I should say, I sought advice from the correct people when deciding to get this bike!! Those that I talked to know who they are, and I can’t say THANK YOU enough!!
Anyway, I can’t say enough how I can’t wait to get this human powered rail machine on some single-track!!!
Until such time, rest easy in the fact this bike will see a lot of gravel and everything in between!! πŸ˜‰


Baptism by Iron Range red