The Introduction to The Crust…..

I called Thomas after yesterday’s awesome crust ride, and asked if he’d like to check it out today. He gave me his typical answer…. “sure thing Dad what time??” 

I had to drive bus until 10 a.m. so we left shortly thereafter. 

Today was potentially the last day for such riding, with forecasted overnight lows in the upper 20’s and daytime highs reaching the 40’s…… so it was good to get out for a little bit.

The 2016 Pie Burner Thanksgiving Weekend FatBike RideΒ 

This year’s ride was a huge hit; even with conditions that were less than ideal. 

Almost 2.5′ of snow the week before ride day; the most snow since the Halloween blizzard of ’91…. then temps never dipping much below freezing, made conditions that were less than optimal.

Still, 37 rider’s showed up with awesome aditudes, not surprising knowing the fatbike crowd.

I really CAN NOT say thank you enough to all the rider’s!! 

Also, my family and the volunteers came through with flying colors to make year 4 of the Pie Burner go off without a hitch!!

A tip of the hat to you all!!
Below is only a fraction of photo’s taken mostly by our 13 year old Zack; who has shown he may have a future behind the camera lens!! Thanks Z!!

I’d like to thank all the sponsor’s for their generosity… but a special shout out to Surly Bikes, you all were more than generous!! THANK YOU!!
And as always Sandy and Palmers Tavern did an outstanding job host all us fatbike freaks!! 

The quality human beings that attend this event always blows my mind!!! 

It shouldn’t be that way, but as long as it stays…. we’ll keep putting on this ride!! 

One Brian Hatsly getting recognized for being the driving force behind this ride on the 4th ride year!! Thanks to MBR for donating the gallon flask. Beside this here guy being a solid human… he’ll also put this gallon flask to good use!!

See you all in 2017!!

And a perfect example of our ever changing terrain in northern Minnesota. Photo credit to David Ristau 

The Pie Burner Thanksgiving Weekend FatBike Ride Toys For Tots Donation update…..
$305.00  raised!! 36 toys, books and stocking stuffers donated!! 

You fatbikers are a kickass crew!!

The 2016 Mesabi Trail Tour in The Books.Β 

Extremely proud of this group. 

Goals were set, met, and blown out of the water!! 

These two biked 70 miles….

This one 25….

This scary individual pedaled around 42 miles

As usual the weather was perfect.

The company was stellar, and smiles were all around!! 

Following will be random shots taken throughout the day….

A final break before we made the final push to the finish.

These 3 were stronger than some adults I saw throughout the day!! 

Food makes everything better after pedaling some good miles…..

The “century boy’s”

If you were 12 and rode your fatbike 70 miles, you’d need a bit of a nap after too. πŸ˜‰ 

Well done children!! 

Our Last Long Ride…..

Before Saturday’s GRE Mesabi Trail Tour ride.

My crew is all set!! Our last long ride is in the books.  

Our turn around spot was “The Stand” in Chisholm, Mn. 11 miles in. The carrot of ice cold frosty mugs of root beer’s, was just what was needed on the hot sticky August 1st pedal!!

The rest of these pictures tell the story better than any word’s can!!

What’s any bike ride worth if there’s not some goofing around time??? 

My Blogging Absence, Does Not Mean Riding Hasn’t Been Happening!!Β 

It’s that time of year for our annual Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour ride. More on that in a moment.

The past 2.5 months have been consumed by U10 girl’s softball. 

These girl’s opened my eyes once again to the fun sports can entail!! 

Thanks for that young ladies!!

Our future all star!! πŸ˜‰

This Saturday is the GRE Mesabi Trail Tour…. our miles are on our ass’s and it’s soon to be go time!! 

These picture’s are from our final 27.5 ride last Thursday…..

Everybody likes ice cream!! πŸ˜‰

The Best Ride…… Yet of 2016

And it was made possible thanks to these three!!


My oldest meet us at our house and we headed out around noon on Sunday. It should be noted he’s waiting on his new to him Trek 90D to be tuned up, so he can finally get aboard a trusty steed that fits him!!


Bikes and gear ready.

Thomas was looking for a new route to extend his riding…… I think we gave him what he’s looking for, and then some. πŸ˜‰


Less than two miles in and a break was needed…. I had my doubts we’d make our 20 mile goal.
After everyone warmed up I was doubting for no reason!!


A lengthy stop at Lake NippleDick for some rock skipping and throwing…..



Here’s a good story…..
Two months or so ago CamelBak was asking for old CamelBak bags to be sent to them on their Facebook page….
I posted a picture of my 15 plus year old Trans Alp bag…. they asked if I’d send it in to be used in a new Camelbak ad campaign…. in return I could pick any bag and bottle to be sent to me for free!! One has to like a company like that….
Well Zack was in need of a new bag…. so this is the one he chose… the KUDU 12……




It saw it’s first action today…..


Perfect fit.

Of course, when asked…. the 12 year old said it was “ok.” LOL

Onward with the ride…..

This right here is the strongest FatBike rider under 10 years old I know!!!!! Yet again today she proved how mentally strong she is!! Proud of you Jenna!!


A quick stop under hwy 169 to feel the vibrations of cars passing overhead.


Then we continued on to some mudholes…… and I heard… “Dad can we ride through this puddle?” I said sure, but hold on a minute……

They’ve yet to master the up shifting when things get soft…. it’s all part of the learning curve!! Next time there will be different results I’m sure!!


"Look at my cut!!" πŸ˜‰

Shortly after the mudholes it was more playtime on a sand pile…..


Then we headed to the bottom of the Glen mine pit….. which we decent on the Pie Burner ride….




While the water in this pit is anything but warm….. it has dropped 15-20′ since November 2015…. lots of cool places to ride a fatbike and explore, especially for children.


Shoe fix....


Then it was time to build some character…. via pushing your own fatbike!! These two kick ass!!


Reference that part earlier in this post about this young girl….. working through some “butt hurt” right here. πŸ˜‰


“Butt hurt” break… by sitting down???? LOL


Then we hooked up with this women…. yeah, the one with the problem with that finger!!!???!!! πŸ˜‰
Notice a little food and a couple sodas make the “butt hurt” go away!!! πŸ˜‰
All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!!
A 20 mile ride and good eats and a few beers to finish it off!!
Woot Woot 👍