New Sign Up Procedure For 2019 Pie Burner Saturday, and Beyond……

Alright….. here’s the deal for the #pieburner2019 sign up.

Are YOU ALL paying attention??

PLEASE Pass this on to whomever you’d like….. PLEASE!!

I don’t want anyone saying “but we didn’t know!!”

In past years I’ve never capped this ride.

Two years ago we had as many as over 70 riders…. way to many in my opinion.

Things just got to spread out.

Last year was 45ish, which was perfect.

So from now on, and for however much longer I plan on putting the work into this ride, the cap will be 50 riders.

A few locals who’ve helped me out with this ride, I will never ask to register. Deal with that fact or not; that’s just the way it’ll be.

I’m still not asking any rider for money.

The donation (ride fee) to the Northeastern St. Louis County Toys for Tots Foundation stays.

It benefits the less fortunate young ones during a stressful time of year.

It’s a very GOOD thing; and you the riders of this event have never let that needy group down.. kudos to each and every one of you past participants!! I can’t thank you enough for your generosity!! 👍🏻👍🏻

***The postcard sign up window will be from September 1st – November 1st.***

After November 1st I will count the postcards I’ve received and make a post on the remaining spots that are left open, or post who’s in and whose not.

The postcards will be dated on the day they are received… and I’ll go from there after 50.

No emails sign ups… SORRY I just will not have time to answer emails between working two jobs, scouting and planning the routes, and everything else that goes into making the Pie Burner Saturday what it has become.

Please understand this fact; it’s just the way it has to be for my own sanity.

I will have to give you ALL the mailing address at a later date… we are currently in the process of becoming homeowners…. so that address WILL FOLLOW as the joyous search for a home gets completed. 🤔😮🤫

As always; fire away with any questions you may have. Did I miss something?

Yes, I realize it’s nearing the end of June…. but this way you all can plan accordingly, tell whomever you’d like to join you on ride day…. to pay attention to sign up and so forth.

I did mull this new sign up process over for quite some time; so this isn’t something I’ve settled upon lightly……. it will be what it will be.

Either you like it, or you will not.

That decision I leave to you.


What Makes A Winter FatBike Trail Fun To You?

We all have our likes and dislikes in life, I’m concerned only with your likes and dislikes of groomed winter trail for fatbiking here. 😉

I’ve been working on new winter trail, as many of you know.

Slowly I’ve been getting feedback from some fatbikers on the Iron Range. There’s still not as many of us as in other parts of the state; more than in years past, but not much. More due to population density than anything else.

Some good comments, but most not so good.
A lot of “i just didn’t have fun” comments are being thrown around.
I get it, what I find fun winter riding isn’t translating into fun for others.
This trail will eventually be groomed for plenty of new fatbikers.
For the majority of the riders that are saying “I just didn’t have fun.” They are new to the skinny snow trail through the woods.
As a lot of seasoned fatbikers know… there’s a huge learning curve in riding such a trail.
With that learning curve comes frustration in not being able to keep the big boy tires in the trail “sweet spot.” I went through it myself. Wondering a loud in the woods…. “what the hell am I doing??” LOL

For the past 6 years this trail was only about me, and my fun…. well not anymore…. it’s time to take a step back and change my thinking.
Which thinking about it, I knew I’d have to at some point in time anyway.
So I made a little poll on the Iron Range Fat Bike Rider’s Facebook page.

If you’re reading this and aren’t on facebook, leave a comment here as to what you consider fun winter trail conditions.
Obviously snow is a given…. so direct  your comments to:
Trail width….. 24″-28″.
Trail width…. up to 38″.
Winter trail length….
Winter trail access….