The Introduction to The Crust…..

I called Thomas after yesterday’s awesome crust ride, and asked if he’d like to check it out today. He gave me his typical answer…. “sure thing Dad what time??” 

I had to drive bus until 10 a.m. so we left shortly thereafter. 

Today was potentially the last day for such riding, with forecasted overnight lows in the upper 20’s and daytime highs reaching the 40’s…… so it was good to get out for a little bit.

Crust Riding…..

I got out this morning to give the new DT Swiss 350 it’s maiden run between school routes.

Our snowpack has been depleted a lot….. but the crust riding is awesome… as usual this time of year.

I still say riding the crust wherever you’d like through the woods, is better than any illegal substance I may, or may not have, taken part in over the year’s!! πŸ˜‰

The 2016 Pie Burner Thanksgiving Weekend FatBike RideΒ 

This year’s ride was a huge hit; even with conditions that were less than ideal. 

Almost 2.5′ of snow the week before ride day; the most snow since the Halloween blizzard of ’91…. then temps never dipping much below freezing, made conditions that were less than optimal.

Still, 37 rider’s showed up with awesome aditudes, not surprising knowing the fatbike crowd.

I really CAN NOT say thank you enough to all the rider’s!! 

Also, my family and the volunteers came through with flying colors to make year 4 of the Pie Burner go off without a hitch!!

A tip of the hat to you all!!
Below is only a fraction of photo’s taken mostly by our 13 year old Zack; who has shown he may have a future behind the camera lens!! Thanks Z!!

I’d like to thank all the sponsor’s for their generosity… but a special shout out to Surly Bikes, you all were more than generous!! THANK YOU!!
And as always Sandy and Palmers Tavern did an outstanding job host all us fatbike freaks!! 

The quality human beings that attend this event always blows my mind!!! 

It shouldn’t be that way, but as long as it stays…. we’ll keep putting on this ride!! 

One Brian Hatsly getting recognized for being the driving force behind this ride on the 4th ride year!! Thanks to MBR for donating the gallon flask. Beside this here guy being a solid human… he’ll also put this gallon flask to good use!!

See you all in 2017!!

And a perfect example of our ever changing terrain in northern Minnesota. Photo credit to David Ristau 

The Pie Burner Thanksgiving Weekend FatBike Ride Toys For Tots Donation update…..
$305.00  raised!! 36 toys, books and stocking stuffers donated!! 

You fatbikers are a kickass crew!!

The Final Pie Burner Update.

Your Wednesday, and final update… 

With 15″ – 18″ of snow over this past weekend, and an additional 3″ – 4″ overnight. 


It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you ride a bike with 3.8″ tires or wider!!


Riding any tire smaller, will produce fits of rage…. hence being absolutely no fun!!!! 

The Whitney Tailings Pond area was packed ok… aka rideable. 

All climbs will be optional, unless they’re required to move forward on the route. 

The riding will be slow.
There is no frozen water.

The riding will be a challenge.

The ride will be extremely fun!! 

You will learn a lot about tire pressure!! 

If you have gaiters, wear them.

Don’t over dress!!! 

When we’re done, you’ll have truly accomplished something… and be ready for a burger and a beverage of your choosing, or 3!! πŸ˜‰ 

Temps Friday overnight are forecasted to be in the mid to high teens. Day time highs on Saturday are calling for 33Β°.

If things get to soft by mid day, we’ll make a group decision to pull the plug early. Good Ole Mother Nature is gonna make this year’s #pieburner interesting, to say the least!! 

I’ve got a snowmobile being delivered Friday morning…. THANKS Lou!!
I’ll packed the entire route, and we’ll see how it holds up during the day!!! 

Pie Burner Two Weeks Out…

​A two week out ride update…. 

And the shirt that will soon be getting printed… more ordering info here….. ordering closes November 16th.

This week I’ve been fielding a lot of “is it ok to ride a non #fatbike” questions…… totally understandable and not an unexpected question with this none November temps we had so far. 
As November’s weather has played out, it’s become obvious that the likely hood of any amount of snow accumulation towards ride day is getting less and less likely.

Looking a head, we may end up with a dusting of the white stuff and that’s looking like it. 

In a word, ABSOLUTELY!!

Rider’s can ride any stlye mountain bike they’d like. Think of the area we’ll be riding exactly like #cuyuna but a whole lot less manicured. No singletrack, and many many more exposed red rock…. but completely rideable on any stlye of aggresive mtb tire. Make sense?

 Looking at projected over night temps, all puddles should be froze over, but I won’t know for sure until the day before the ride, when I pre ride the majority of the route. 

If things are not completely frozen…. my suggestion for all rider’s is to leave your fancy riding attire at home. Wear dark cycling clothing, or anything you will not care if stained iron ore red. πŸ˜‰ 
Peace, Joe

Pie Burner Update #3.

November 3rd 2016 update…. 

3 Saturday’s left… not counting ride day.

Are you getting excited?

A bit apprehensive?

Are you asking yourself.. “Do I really want to drive up to BFE and ride my #fatbike??” 

I get it…. when we started this ride, now 4 year’s ago… we knew this was a funky weekend. If you the rider can attend, great…. if not… also great. 

Attendance is dictated by the long holiday weekend, and family plans. 

If you are willing to venture north, south… east or west; you will not be disappointed… well, I think so anyway. πŸ˜‰ 
Obviously I’m a bit biased in this regard. πŸ˜‰ 

Our little part of #northernminnesota is special, and quite possibly…. the perfect area to ride your fatbike during this particular time of year. 

A few words on what you should make sure to carry with you…..
#1. extra tubes…. have 1 fresh tube tucked away with you…. just in case.

It’s much easier to swap tubes out than doing a trail side patch. 

#2. Water… bring more than you think you’ll need. There will be a cooler of water at the half way point for refills. 

#3. A good attitude towards adventure and exploration. If you’re attending… this isn’t a hard ask. 

#4. Food. We will be making plenty of stops. Either to allow people to regroup before moving forward; or to take in the abundant scenic overlooks I’ll be leading you to. These stops are a good opportunity to munch on your favorite trail food item’s. 

#5. A camera and or your cell phone. For the majority of you rider’s this will be a totally new riding experience, in a truly unique area. You’ve been warned!! πŸ˜‰ 

Also, we’ll pedal as fast as our slowest rider. We as a group WILL NOT care how slow you ride… please keep this in mind as a group. 
Above anything else this ride is about FUN and exploring (I know I say this a lot) a truly unique area to ride your fatbike. 

I think that’s about it.
Please, if you have any questions…. fire away; I’ll try to answer any question to the best of my ability. 

The next update will be on ice thickness, a few days before ride day. If ice thickness is less than 5″ we will not be riding on frozen water. So keep your fingers crossed for some cold nights!! πŸ˜‰ 

Until then, be safe….. and see you all before you know it!!
Peace, Joe