Next Up….. The Fiddlin’ Fifty!! 😆ย 

Our next test as a riding crew will be The Fiddlin’ Fifty Gravel ride. It goes off August 27th in Balkan Township just north of Chisholm, Mn. 

This is the rides 3rd year…. Scott and Susan do an awesome job with their grassroots event!! 

The event has two distances this year…. the names sake 50 mile ride and a new 15 mile route. Something unique, and a great way for new people, or younger riders to experience riding gravel without committing to a longer distance. 

Anyway…. we are preparing for our ride day….

The 2016 Mesabi Trail Tour in The Books.ย 

Extremely proud of this group. 

Goals were set, met, and blown out of the water!! 

These two biked 70 miles….

This one 25….

This scary individual pedaled around 42 miles
As usual the weather was perfect.

The company was stellar, and smiles were all around!! 

Following will be random shots taken throughout the day….

A final break before we made the final push to the finish.

These 3 were stronger than some adults I saw throughout the day!! 

The “century boy’s”

If you were 12 and rode your fatbike 70 miles, you’d need a bit of a nap after too. ;) 

Well done children!! 

Our Last Long Ride…..

Before Saturday’s GRE Mesabi Trail Tour ride.

My crew is all set!! Our last long ride is in the books.  

Our turn around spot was “The Stand” in Chisholm, Mn. 11 miles in. The carrot of ice cold frosty mugs of root beer’s, was just what was needed on the hot sticky August 1st pedal!!

The rest of these pictures tell the story better than any word’s can!!

What’s any bike ride worth if there’s not some goofing around time??? 

My Blogging Absence, Does Not Mean Riding Hasn’t Been Happening!!ย 

It’s that time of year for our annual Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour ride. More on that in a moment.

The past 2.5 months have been consumed by U10 girl’s softball. 

These girl’s opened my eyes once again to the fun sports can entail!! 

Thanks for that young ladies!!

Our future all star!!๐Ÿ˜‰

This Saturday is the GRE Mesabi Trail Tour…. our miles are on our ass’s and it’s soon to be go time!! 

These picture’s are from our final 27.5 ride last Thursday…..

Everybody likes ice cream!!๐Ÿ˜‰

ISD #701…. What Do I Think??

โ€‹In light of yesterday’s (July 6th 2016), “breaking news” story in the HDT.

I’ve been fielding a lot of “what do you think” questions. 
Really, who am i, but a concerned parent and community member?

My opinion is no more important than yours, or anyone else’s. 

I am however someone who has felt the school district has mishandled multiple situations, that should have garnered quick and easy decisions.
See RIGHT and WRONG here!! 
I’m also  someone whose been unafraid to stand up and voice my feelings in a public manner. All be damned if you DO NOT like it!!

I haven’t been so publicly vocal to gain friends, or make enemies… although I’ve been told I’ve gathered people on both sides!!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

I simply DO NOT care what anyone thinks of me!!
Yet again, I’ve been vocal because it’s NOT about me…..  However, it is the right thing to do. … for my children, your children and the community’s children. 

Despite popular belief, by certain individuals… I DO NOT live in Colorado… I DO NOT know everything, and I AM a very active member of this community!! 

Ok, Ok, Ok…..

Well, since I’ve been asked…….๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ ;) 

I’m disappointed in the fact this teacher was given an opportunity to resign at all!! The school board should’ve continued with a termination; whereas that record of termination would stick to his record like glue; and warn other school districts of his deviant behavior towards young girl’s. Is this another male teacher/administrator that I have to follow their job search?? So be it!! 

With that said….. 
I’m not privy to any of the behind the scenes information; but the district probably had their reasons to proceed in this manner. Maybe saving themselves from a long drawn out court battle? Maybe a year’s wages, and three year’s health coverage was a deal compared to the alternative for us the tax payers?

It does not make it right, and I’m giving the district the benefit of the doubt here…. something (if you’ve been following along),  i have not done in the past!!

Don’t worry, I’m not getting soft!!

Read on to see that fact!!๐Ÿ˜‰

With this teacher gone, the safety of the students will be vastly improved!! 

I think this quote says a lot about what a little perverted predator of young girls this teacher is….. 

โ€œConsidering the circumstances surrounding the school district as well as being a head coach, I decided to seek career opportunities that better align with my family and best interests in mind.โ€

You mean to tell me, by you sending pictures of your genitalia to young high school girls, buying them alcohol, and smoking marijuana with these same young high school aged girls, these actions didn’t voluntarily put you in this situation?? I find it scary that you DO NOT see, that YOU are/were part of the problem!! 

You self-centered arrogant little man…. I’d have more respect for you, if you’d have stood up, like a man, and admitted your mistakes with a strong backbone. Instead you choose to hide behind some preconceived statement!!??!! 

Both you and your wife have already brought shame to your family…. to a once fine school district, (that is/was trying to recover from another deviant perverts behavior) and to the community as a whole!!
I could care less about you two as adults!! You’ve made your own bed, now sleep in it!! 

I feel for your children!! To be a child in this day and age, and have your parents do something so STUPID for the whole community to witness, plus and above all else, their peers??
I’m sorry kids!! 

Why is it, I feel the need to apologize for other adults lack of morality and proper judgment?? 

It’s a sad sad retrospective of the society we live in today!! 

Which brings me to….. Ha Ha 

School board chair John Berklich…the community, and Fleming’s victims are still waiting for an apology from you, and the school board…. pertaining to Mr. Fleming’s PROVEN… let me say that again John…. PROVEN misconduct!!

Did you really think I’d miss an opportunity to call you out as an ignorant coward??
Do the right thing John!! 
Your silence is showing your lack of a spine!!

Your lack of the willingness to do what is RIGHT!!

Do you even listen to your fellow board member’s and their opinions; or is your “incestuial knowledge” so deeply rooted in your being that you know nothing else?? 

Also, for concerned community members, concerned parents, and just for the purpose of complete and total transparency; I think the school board’s determination on discipline of the four other ISD #701 employees that were under investigation, should be made public. 

Of course sensitive information does not need to be released, but saying something publicly would go a long way with the community.

Lastly, thank you Mr. Johnson for standing up for our communities children, saying enough of this perverted behavior already!! 

Thank you also to Mr. Clover, Mr. Vincent and Ms. Nyberg; I do not envy the frustration and ignorance dealing with the other three board members twice a month must be like.
As always, these are MY thoughts and words, and MINE alone!

My name is Joe Sacco 

After 5 Year’s: Cuyuna!!

We finally made it!!




Now, I was gonna rave about the trails, but after 5 year’s it hardly seems right; and would be redundant.
I will say… if you haven’t been, DO NOT WAIT any longer!๐Ÿ˜‰
The 7.1 miles this fine gentlemen


Our two FatBikers with Mr. Aaron Hautala

lead us on early Saturday morning (as part of the #ForCuyuna event weekend) were stellar, and really wet MY appetite for more…. and I know, we as a family will be back soon! Maybe splitting our time between a Yurt stay and staying at TNBC.


Both kids sucked it up and climbed the two biggest climbs on the trail system…. well, one singletrack the other an old hual road…. but they climbed and pushed a bit also.๐Ÿ˜‰ they aren’t afraid, and have become very adapt at pushing the big boy tires up old mine roads here at home…..ย 



So…. good job my little fatbike freaks!!Ha Ha

Anyway, I mentioned the #ForCuyuna event…. which at some point and time since January 1st I had entered a contest via entering my email address through ERIK’S Bike and Board website.
Well Thursday morning I received an email with the subject line reading “CONGRATULATIONS:WINNER!”
I had to go retrieve it from my trash folder, after i thought about it for awhile…. I must’ve won something, right?
I laughed to myself and said yeah right!
Sure enough Steve Parsons was telling me I won 2 tickets to the event festivities. Woot Woot 👍
I replied… we have two MTBing kids, could we purchase 2 extra tickets?? Steve’s reply… “Joe we have two extra tickets, so two becomes four, enjoy the event with your family!”ย 
Thanks again to ERIK’S and Steve!!



I’m learning to be a more talkative person when it comes to face to face meetings with people I talk to freely over the internet. Definitely a learning curve for my lone wolf nature; but a skill I’ll need to continue to get better at.
I like the fact when I do get the chance to talk with like minded individuals, we all seem to have the same goal in mind…. making our each individual trails systems and future trail systems the best they can be. Also to work separately,  but with the end goal of coming together to join as one to make Minnesota better for outdoor sports such as mountain biking….
Enough words, here’s the teat of our whirlwind day in pictures!!




Zack was always trying stay on the Flying Finns wheel, but J and I did catch those two at certain spots.