Pie Burner Part 2….. First Half of Ride Complete….. 

The 1st half of the Pie Burner Thanksgiving Weekend FatBike Ride is set. Woot Woot 👍 

Plane Crash Memorial Site

Today’s ride was finishing the 2nd half of what I did the other day… in the old Whitney Tailings Pond area…. I rode all climbs…. which aren’t really to terribly bad…. to me. For some reason my Strava only registered 41′ of climbing??? LOL 
Safe to say you can add 300-500′ to that, whatever that means… I see a hill and climb it slowly…. then move on…

Blah Blah Blah😉 ;) 

A New Senic View

The Pie Burner has a signature climb, and in these 4 pictures I tried to catch the steepness and redrocks…. meh..

A short ride down the Mesabi Trail. 

Right before Grace Rd….. or the halfway point. 

Alright people…. that’s a wrap!

I’ll ride the whole route a couple more times…. and then do an ice depth check at multiple spots on area ponds/lake/mine pit bodies of water the week of the ride. 

Pie Burner… Part #1. Palmers Tavern Front Door to the Holiday Station Store.

I’ve changed my mind, and will share in two parts; the Pie Burner 1st half route. The 2nd half of the Pie Burner will stay with me though. 

As the subject of this post says…… this is from Palmers Tavern front door, to the Holiday Station Store front door. 

Which came to 9 miles. No more milage will be added, but some may be taken away. It will be a morning of decision.

We’ll follow this railroad track for approximately 2.5 miles.

The 1st little climb, from the bottom.

And the top, nothing hugely difficult.

The rest of the photo’s to follow are of the area we call the “west dumps.” 

This is right before we pop back out on city streets and make our way east towards the Holiday Station Store and points east…… on our way to the old Whitney Tailings pond area, or the meat of the 1st half of the Pie Burner. 

As you can tell by these few photo’s, the beginning is mostly 4 wheeler trails. 

Elevation Gain is minimal at 50 odd feet. 

With some punchy hills, but no big sustained climbing…. that’s coming up though!! ;) 

I’ll get to part two as time allows…..

The 2016 Pie Burner Thanksgiving Weekend FatBike Ride 

Well, it’s that time of year again!

Saturday, November 26th… 2016 marks year 4 of this grassroots ride, put on mainly by myself. I say mainly, because without my crazy family… none of this fatbike tomfoolery would be taking place!! Thanks gang!! 

This year had a much higher learning curve than previous year’s. 

The making of a ride day flyer is tops on the learning curve list. Which isn’t quite ready for public viewing, but should be very very soon. Thank you to Bill of Bark Design for dealing with my naivety in this whole process! 

The finished flyer!!

This year, if enough rider’s are interested…. I’ll offer the flyer artwork to be printed on a dri-fit stlye short sleeve shirt. Price per shirt is $22, payable up front. I’m not independently wealthy after all!! LOL 
If you are reading this, and would like a shirt…. send me an email (available on this blog) with “Pie Burner T-shirt” in the subject line, your full name and all sizes of shirts you’d like in the main body of the email. I’ll take it from there, and send out a group email with payment information mid October. 

A lot of talking with sponsor’s, which I’m becoming better at, if still a bit uncomfortable with. I’ve recieved plenty of NO’s for my requests for donations; be it swag for end of ride giveaways, or money donations. I won’t go into who said no and why (I think they did), at this time…. or ever. 

Once I make the ride day flyer public, you’ll see who said yes, and who said no.

At the end of the day, I expected those that said yes to do so, and those that said no, the same. There were a few plesent surprises and those will not be taken lightly. I mean come on, I’m a 49 year old fat guy who lives in the middle of nowhere northern Minnesota. I’m sure as hell not a flashy rider, and won’t make any podiums or be famous riding my bike….. our chilren get more of that flash, and rightly so!! ;) 

So back to reality… I’m a total non factor to some of these companies.

Which I’m ok with!! 
At this time I’d like to give a hearty THANK YOU to Sandy of Plamers Tavern!!

Without Sandy’s willingness to pretty much give me whatever I asked for, and more; the beginning and end of this ride would not be what it has become!!

Thank you Sandy!!

This year the ride begins and ends at Palmers Tavern. This way rider’s do not have to hop back on their bikes and ride to the old starting point a few miles away. A change of clothes and a full belly, then hopping into your vehicle to head home…. is a welcome change. 

Also, at the end of the ride, we’ll have some swag items to give away from the various sponsor’s who deemed this event worth of sending items.

Thank you to those sponsor’s!!

Now those of you who bolt at rides end have a bit more incentive to hang around and mingle, fill your bellies with awesome Palmers Tavern food, and partake in an adult beverage of your choosing, or not. ;) 

All while seeing if your names pulled for a giveaway!! 

Again this year, the ride fee will be a donation to the North St. Louis County Toys for Tots Foundation. Donations can be in the form of new/unused toy’s, book’s and or stocking stuffers. Cash or check is also excepted…. if you go this route….. We are asking for your donation to be  $10 – $15.

All donations stay in the local Northeastern Minnesota area, and help make the upcoming holiday season a bit more joyous for the area’s underprivileged youth. 

The ride itself, will almost stay the same. With the new starting spot, there will be more milage on the front end, but it will still be the unquie riding experience rider’s have become accustomed to with this area. I’ve added a few more climbs, but nothing to terribly difficult. The signature “Pie Burner” climb will remain the same. As always, there will be no shame in choosing not to climb…. you will not be alone in choosing not to. ;) 

Also, this year I’m thinking about having some of this fried up 

and waiting for rider’s, at the 15 mile mark, or the Grace Road area (mid ride point) for the rider’s who attended previous year’s. It’s still in the planing stages at this point. Also, I’ll have two coolers of water, so people can refill and pedal onward, or for those that have had enough…. I have a local rider who will guide you back to Palmers Tavern. 

Over the coming week’s I’ll finalize the route and make them available here and the “Pie Burner” facebook page; as well at the “Pie Burner” event page, also on facebook. 

I think that’s it for now. 

Looking for a place to stay, either the night before, or the night after the ride??? 

Check the Iron Range Tourism Bureau’s “places to stay” link. 

Chicholm, Mn. 15 minute drive  north of Hibbing.

Virginia, Mn. 30 minutes east.

Grand Rapids, Mn. 40 minutes west. 

If anyone has any questions, and or concerns, please feel free to shoot me an email, and I’ll answer them as best I can.

Lookout Mountain Single-track Ribbon Cutting….

Thursday September 22nd.
An IROC Lookout Mountain Single-track produced trail, with the coporation of local trail builders and most recently Dirt Candy Designs doing some mechanical trail building….. lots of great work by lots of quality people!! 

All information is in the press release below, and in the blue linked text above. Good things happening in northern Minnesota!! 

Some local media’s take on the new trails.

Trail map….

A few photo’s of Lookout Mountain Single-track.

The Fiddlin’ Fifty Did Not Disappoint!! 

After a few words, this post will be photo heavy!!
All the miles and more importantly the saddle time has paid off, for this group!!

That women to left puts up with a lot of “stupid bike shit” on bad days…. August 27th was not one of the bad days!! Both her and I could not be more proud as parents, of our children’s never say die aditudes throughout the day!! 

Her continued improvement with the camera is truly breathtaking!! Most, if not all, of the following pictures are all her!! 

Awesome job Cindi!! 

Again, all the time we as a group have put in paid off in huge accomplishments this day!! 

These two….

Have taken huge strides this year.

That guy on the right, has gotten stronger and faster, along with more confident.

The dude to the left also has gotten stronger and faster, along with learning how to struggle through adversity without giving up. He’s shown that the mantra of just keep “moving forward” through it all works to the end goal.

Super proud of both of these guys!! 

And finally this one…..

I don’t have the words to explain what I saw out of her on Saturday!! 

She started off like a house on fire!!

I mentioned she might want to  dial it back a bit from an average speed of 14 mph for the 1st 8-10 miles. The reply I got in return?? “Dad, I got this… I’ll be fine!” LOL

After a seat height adjustment of nearly 3″, (can you say growth spert) in a matter of days?? This little human rocked 51.4 miles with not one negative peep for nearly 5 hours and 35 minutes!! 

Blown away by your performance J!! Proud is an understatement!! 

This was her demeanor after ice cream and near the 40 mile mark on Shannon Lake Rd. 

I had to ask her to do it again, because my chin was dragging on the gravel when I turned around and saw her do it at 1st. LOL 

Also, a huge shout out to Scott and Susan; and all the volunteers!! Without you all, this event would definetly not go off as smoothly!! 

Below are photo’s taken by Cindi… no words needed…. but maybe NICE JOB MOM!!!!!!!!! 
Mudhole Road!!

Above and below photo credit: Melanie M. 

A couple of A++ humans!! 

Read the big yellow sign; it was never truer than this day!!! 

As always, when I get more photo’s I’ll add them!! 

Next Up….. The Fiddlin’ Fifty!! 😆 

Our next test as a riding crew will be The Fiddlin’ Fifty Gravel ride. It goes off August 27th in Balkan Township just north of Chisholm, Mn. 

This is the rides 3rd year…. Scott and Susan do an awesome job with their grassroots event!! 

The event has two distances this year…. the names sake 50 mile ride and a new 15 mile route. Something unique, and a great way for new people, or younger riders to experience riding gravel without committing to a longer distance. 

Anyway…. we are preparing for our ride day….